The University of Edinburgh has an exceptional record of research and teaching on all aspects of climate change. We are also committed to making the World a better place. Therefore, we are delighted to be a Founding Member of the Climate Alliance, to help find solutions that span the north-south socio-economic divide.

Peter Mathieson, University of Edinburgh
Prof Peter MathiesonPrincipal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Edinburgh

Because of its interdisciplinary nature, graduate and postgraduate training in climate sciences poses a great challenge to university educational programs. The International Universities Climate Alliance will act as a timely network to exchange best practice in climate science education, thus making all of us better in the training of young people.

Prof Dr Martin Grosjean
Prof Dr Martin GrosjeanDirector, Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Bern

New York University is proud to be a founding member of the Climate Alliance. As one of the world’s premier research universities — with academic centers on six continents — NYU stands ready to contribute our unique expertise and perspective to this important collaboration, and to work together to develop innovative solutions to climate change.

President Andrew Hamilton, New York University
Andrew HamiltonPresident, New York University

Tackling the climate crisis requires global cooperation on an unprecedented scale. The Alliance can deliver this by sharing best practice across universities, providing a coordinated evidence base to inform urgent decisions, and training a new generation of innovative researchers to deliver net-zero on our campuses and around the world.

Sir Alan Langlands, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds
Sir Alan LanglandsVice-Chancellor, University of Leeds

As a large and comprehensive research university, USP dedicates most of its interdisciplinary competence towards environmental research, including climate change studies. The International Universities Climate Alliance represents a joint worldwide effort that will contribute to the development of the scientific knowledge and policies on these important subjects

Prof. Vahan Agopyan
Professor Vahan AgopyanRector, University of São Paulo

As a prestigious university with a 100 year-long history, our University covers almost all subjects of climate change research from natural to social science. We are pleased to join the Alliance as a foundation member, and to contribute to global climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Lyu Jian NJU President
Jian Lyu, PhDProfessor and President, Nanjing University

The global will to act on climate change is strong but the pace of action has been far too slow. The Alliance aims to accelerate the global response by being a leading voice for scientifically based mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Matt England, UNSW
Prof Matthew EnglandScientia Professor, UNSW Climate Change Research Centre

We aim to bring the African climate change challenge to the global purview along with our dedication to teaching, research and capacity-building of professionals. We welcome the opportunity to work and partner across the globe through the Climate Alliance and bring our unique experiences to bear on climate change.

S.G. Kiama, PhD
S.G. Kiama, PhDProfessor & Vice-Chancellor, University of Nairobi