Earth Day 2023 – Slam Poetry Festival: Re-imagining Our World

Science writer, Lauren Fuge has reflected, that throughout history our world has been shaped and created by societies imagining how they want things to be. Storytelling has always had a central role in how we make sense of our environment, in making decisions about how we act and change things.

For Earth Day 2023, we invite you to join us in a Poetry Slam Festival and explore together how we can re-imagine our world. We welcome students, staff and community to join us.

Nature Positive Pledge

We are a growing network of people from over 400 higher education institutions across the world, working together to promote nature on our campuses, in our supply chains and within our cities and communities. We were founded by UNEP and University of Oxford in partnership with the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

The EarthShot Prize

Each year, The Earthshot Prize launches a global search for the innovative solutions to our five Earthshots. We scour the globe for the breakthrough solutions that can solve the biggest environmental challenges, whilst mentoring the inspiring individuals and groups behind them to accelerate their impact.

Climate Student Movement

Climate Students Movement aims to empower students to help universities become bold climate leaders, and in that way give climate science the credibility it needs to be followed in our societies. We students are the lifeblood of universities and colleges. When organised and united, it gives us power to put pressure on them to start following their own climate science.